08-29-15 Boycott Driscoll Berries!! Farm Song at the Picket!

Boycott Driscoll Berries!! More information is available at http://boycottsakumaberries.com/

The leadership and membership of Familias Unidas por la Justicia have worked for Sakuma Brothers Farms for over a decade, some families contributing two generations of labor to Sakuma Brothers farm. Almost every year, there has been a labor dispute about wages and racist treatment from supervisors; some have been short work stoppages. Most have ended with the firing and evictions from the labor camp of the leaders of the disputes; with only one in 2004, resulting in minor temporary concessions. In July of 2013 the same issues rose up yet again and over 400 of us took a stand for the future of our families and for justice; formed a union and called for an extended strike; and subsequently a boycott until Steve Sakuma made permanent needed changes through a negotiated collective bargaining agreement. This labor dispute has lasted over 14 months and farm workers have not yet been able to secure a union contract that guarantees fair wages and better treatment from Sakuma Brothers Berry Farm. As Sakuma Brothers Farm has demonstrated what little respect it has for its workers through these actions, it is imperative that Driscoll’s immediately stops purchasing berries from them. Driscoll’s is known for marketing high quality healthy and fresh berries, but these berries come at the expense of worker’s rights through their purchasing agreements from farms, such as Sakuma Farms, exploiting farm workers.

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