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This is the only official fundraiser approved by inside strike leadership to support the 2018 National Prisoner Strike. For more info on support, actions, resources or endorsements – go to for links and more information on this aspect.

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There is a prisoner movement rising in this country since approx 2010, independent and self-organizing, not just an adjunct or extension of outside movements but their own thing. First natl level action called in 2016 and this call to strike is the latest in this line of development.

The prisoner networks are a coalition with differences – the demands represent a range of opinions – they are organizing across differences and setting a good example for the outside on how to do so.

The bloody atrocity at Lee compelled them to act now – in response to 1) how lateral hostilities are stoked and exploited by the system and take their blood and lives and 2) how their voices and the realities of their situation were completely excluded from the mass media in the aftermath…

…So there are essentially 3 goals to the strike (They do not expect wardens or systems to be setting up negotiations with them, they are realists and know their enemy) – but goal 1) punch the realities of their situation and bondage onto the mainstream agenda and public eye 2) galvanize themselves as a class, to call ceasefires among rival sets and focus on the prison system itself so the carnage of LEE never happens again and 3) Push to take their rightful place at the table of the outside liberation movements and speak for themselves.

Every demand at it’s core is a bid for their own humanity, a challenge to brutal dehumanization. And dehumanization is central to the purpose and function of the PIC and so these demands although very straightforward and minimal are essentially a challenge to the system itself.

Prisoner groups across 17 states have committed to action so far. That is already more than the 11 states that were confirmed to have seen strike action in 2016.

Strike support begins NOW. Not only because raising awareness and pushing consciousness of the strike is important now but repression began months ago and has been intense with shakedowns, solitary, surveillance and transfers. There has been unheard of cooperation between states in the South with transfers and the loaning of CERT teams to aid neighboring states with shakedowns and repression. This is a sign of federal involvement with repression. Beyond that even, repression is still ongoing from the 2016 strikes.

What you can do: endorse (not just a gesture but visible support helps against retaliation), make media/share media (we face a mainstream media blackout, it’s up to us), join or organize a demo before or during the strike and that can even just be a banner drop over a highway, fight retaliation and repression by participating in phone actions and answering mail from prisoners.

To view the strike demands and sign up to endorse the strike – go to For more info on support, actions, resources or endorsements – go to for links on all these aspects.

Checks or money orders can be mailed to:

KC IWOCPO Box 414304Kansas City, MO 64141

This is the only official online fundraiser approved by inside strike leadership to support the 2018 National Prisoner Strike. That they wish for there to be no independent fundraising or grant writing to be done off strike support work because people inside do not have the capacity or position to review and verify the legitimacy of other efforts.

All donations will be evenly distributed among the following prisoner organizing and support groups: Jailhouse Lawyers Speak, San Francisco Bay View, North American Anarchist Black Cross, and Incarcerated Workers Organizing Committee. These groups that are trusted with the funds raised during the 2018 National Prisoner Strike will use the funding to continue their longstanding grassroots efforts to send news and literature in, amplify prisoners’ voices, fight repression against strikers, send money to prisoners for stamps / phone time / morale boosters, raise awareness, unionize, support political / politicized prisoners, and more. JLS, SF Bay View, ABC, and IWOC will each use their own processes to determine how best to support prisoners with donated funds.

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