Kansas City GDC Local 15 Bail and Legal Support Fund

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Hello everyone!

We have contacted an attorney who has all confidence that he can handle the situation. As comforting as it is to know that he is well respected in his field, this is all still nerve wracking as we wait for the days to pass and court dates to be set and reset and moved.

Yesterday though, while we were waiting patiently and having confidence in our attorney, we found out that police finally ran up on one of our frontline friends in Ferguson and they actually cited him for failure to disburse nearly a year and a half after the alleged incident which was documented in the attached photo.

Many of you may know that young people who live in Ferguson led the movement against police brutality in their town and that movement spread across the U.S. and is still going on today. There were gang truces and racial discussions and the entire landscape for how a lot of people think about race and the police was forever changed by these young warriors who are still dedicated to justice even though they have nothing for themselves.

Behind the scenes is heartbreak on top of tragedy though and nothing has really changed… As they struggle with joblessness and the lure of the streets which promise enough money to sleep indoors, they are still turning up whenever there is a hint of violence in their community and still turning up to community meetings and city council meetings and everywhere they can to try and change this sick system.

Young people formed a group called the Lost Voices because no one ever heard them. They are the kids dying in the streets. They are the ones that the big organizations don’t want to put on TV because they tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. They are the people who will give their lives because it is all they have. They often don’t even have gas or bus money to get to various functions, but they find a way.

The throngs of protesters are gone from Ferguson now, but those frontline warriors are still getting picked up by the police. It is an absolute travesty that our friend who was in the street from Day 1 could not afford the $65 in court fees that he was saddled with a year and a half after allegedly failing to disburse after one of his peers was murdered in cold blood by Ferguson police.

Many thanks to those of you who have given to this fund so we could pay the court costs incurred in this grotesque situation. We sent an extra $5 so he could get a bus ticket to get to the court house to pay the fee. So extra thanks again to those of you who sent $5 so this can be resolved without him having to go to jail for not paying the fine in time.

Love and Struggle <3 <3 <3


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