Kansas City May Day 2017!!

The floods that caused a State Of Emergency in nearly one third of the counties in the State Of Missouri didn’t stop the biggest May Day turnout in Kansas City History. May First is the celebration for the 8 hour work day but a great deal of workers are putting in longer hours and fighting for what workers fought for in the 1890’s!

Although the biggest Kansas City May Day event this year prominently featured politicians and their lackeys, there was also a GREAT turnout of sincere grassroots anti-capitalists so this gives us hope that maybe next year we can live up to the true spirit of May Day…

“May Day traditions can remind us of the cultural heritage we are in danger of losing. Perhaps by celebrating May Day in its numerous local ways, we can help to write identity, heritage, and history back into our communities and back into the land. The diversity of May Day celebrations is resistant to the uniformity and commercialization that characterizes so much of our society, and which now monopolizes annual events such as Christmas and, more recently, St Valentine’s Day. So let us celebrate May Day as a festival independent of the forces of standardization and profit: sing your own songs, dance your own dances, bring something special to you – blossom, guests, joy – into your home, and banish the evil spirits”. -Nick Groom is a Professor of English at the University of Exeter

Kansas City IWW provided jail support and as far as we could tell everyone was bailed out before we were needed but we will be prepared to find lawyers or provide other support if necessary.

Read below about Burgerville workers taking Fight for $15 to next level and learn the origins of May Day!!

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Tired of politicians and their lackeys wasting your time and using your energy to build their own careers instead of working to get improvements for you? You already have the right to organize your workplace so stop asking for permission and start building support for your own union today! Join the IWW today and learn how Burgerville workers are winning by unionizing their own workplace!

Burgerville Workers Aim to Take Fight for $15 to Next Level in 2017


The Brief Origins of May Day


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