Kansas City Police Accountability Council (KCPAC)

If you have video of police brutality in the Greater Kansas City area, we can put your video up online to raise awareness of how widespread police brutality is in our town and we can try to help gather information and evidence to support you. We can post your videos anonymously for your protection if you prefer. If you do not have any video but want to give your personal testimony about police violence, we can work with you on that too. Please contact us at greaterkciww@gmail.com

Please note, police are not allowed in the IWW. The IWW Constitution states “No Law Enforcement Officer (LEO), certified by the government to enforce the law, and no Prison Guard, whether employed by the government or a private company, shall be a member of the IWW, and any member who becomes such shall be expelled.” For more information about our labor union, please visit https://www.iww.org

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