KC Grass Roots Network Resist National Anti Muslim Hate Group ACT For America The Largest Grassroots

ACT For America created a straw man insisting Sharia Law is practiced in the United States. ACT For America provides no support for Muslim Refugees in countries Somolia and Seria. South. Asian Countries are mistaken as Muslim and Temples in the US have been attacked. ACT For America engage in fascist lies, wore Aryan Tatoo’s and Neo Pagan Odinist tee shirt and hide behind the US Flag and pretended to educate their protesters with the US Constitution. A Neo Nazi Named Richard Spencer in Cowrote book with Pam Gellar in 2010 at the time when a mosque was going up near the old twin towers location in NYC. Their book is directly related to a recent surge of Anti Muslim attacks that began in 2010 with Richard Spencer coined the term “ALT RIGHT” and use 4 Chan as a resource for promotion their fascist ideology. Other groups that work with ACT For America include AmRen, Council Of Conservative Citizens (CCC) , KKK, Nationalist Socialist Movement (NSM), Neo Pagens like Odinist, Traditionalist Youth Party (Trad Youth), Proud Boys , Alt Knights, Midwest Hammerskins and other neofascist organizations. Many crowd funding sources have stopped direct deposit accounts to websites like Daily Stormer. Richard Spencer, who owns a 6,ooo acre cotton plantation he inherited since it was passed down since the Civil War is a Duke Dropout and wears a tweed jacket to give the air of sophistication who spoke many times at the Council Of Conservative Citizens conference at Jared Taylors AmRen or American Renaissance located in Nashville, Tennessee. Gavin McGinnis is another millionaire who works to convince that white Europeans share the same values millionaires and billionaires. One thing for certain, it’s always the working class people of color that often get attacked in mass shootings. Antifa was one of the first organization to track the neo nazi movement and have been vocal that fascist have to be met in the streets so light is cast on their lies. For further information check out Southern Poverty Law Center for more details.

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