Missouri Cops, High Speed Chase, Death, Destruction

Seeking assistance from anyone who can help a disabled Jackson County, Missouri woman with damages after an Independence cop initiates a high speed chase through a residential area on a curve without a guard rail. If you know any way to help this person recover these damages, please let us know at greaterkciww@gmail.com They do not have money for a lawyer and the Jackson County Court refuses to let them sue the city without a lawyer. The person whose father was killed was able to get a lawyer. The home that was hit has been repaired and the state has reimbursed them for damages, however the car that was totaled is still just sitting there. See below for videos and victim testimony.

“On Monday August 7th, 2017, at around 11am I woke up to police sirens. I looked outside and saw that an Independence cop car with the license place number 4028 had totaled my parked 2006 Hyundai Elantra and crashed into my neighbor’s home and a person appeared to be dying on my neighbor’s lawn. There were cops everywhere. I tried telling 2 or 3 of them that the totaled car was mine but they apparently could not hear me or respond to me. My partner was filming the incident and we were told to leave, get far away and plan to stay gone for 12 hours. I went back in and got dressed to leave. On the way out I asked another cop if I could file a report or something and was told not to worry about it, it would get worked out in court. We left as we were told.”

“Later that afternoon we went to the Independence police department and I asked to file a report or make a witness statement. They refused to document anything I said and when I asked for a form to fill out, they told me they do not use forms. The clerk finally sent a cop to talk to me. I told him what I knew had happened and he said, “That’s not what happened at all”. He also refused to document anything I said. He told me that my neighbors Kristin and Roberto had been allowed to file a report. He gave me their report number 17-55981, refused to tell me if my car was mentioned in the report, and told me to check back in 10 weeks. His cop number is 1444.”

“I called State Farm, the company that manages my insurance and since I only had liability coverage, they will not help. One of the representatives I talked at State Farm also said that it is ok for police to initiate high speed chases in residential areas and also to leave their police cars unattended with the door open, keys in, and car running so she thought I should just accept my loss and not try to file any statements or reports. I was given a claim number 251017S45.”

“Between Wednesday the 9th and Thursday the 10th, we stopped by an auto body shop and the police department again, got my car towed off my neighbor’s lawn, and someone came to assess my car: Johnson Auto Body is the local shop that sent someone by to document the damage and they will be providing me with a formal statement on or around August 24th, 2017. State Farm allowed me one free tow on my insurance so I asked them to tow my car off of my neighbor’s lawn and leave it in front of my home, which they did. The second visit to the police department went almost exactly the same as the first visit. They refused to document any of my statements, refused to let me file a witness statement regarding seeing a man who had been shot and was bleeding out on my neighbor’s lawn, and refused to let me file a report. The only difference was this time was that it was done by a detective who had been working on it rather than just a street cop. When we started talking, he initially did not know why I did not answer the door when he came to get my statement. He said that they went door to door to get everyone’s statements and when I said I wasn’t there because they evacuated me, he corrected his story and said, “oh that’s right when we went door to door, no one gave statements because we evacuated everyone”. I told him what I knew had happened and he said, “That’s not what happened at all”. He did not document my statement at all and did not let me file any sort of report. He said he would call me later to make a report. As of Wednesday, August 16th, he has not called me. Also as of this date, I have no reason to believe that my car was reported as damaged by the Independence police after they initiated a high speed chase through a residential area and left their car unattended and running with the keys in the ignition.”

“Throughout the course of this disaster I have talked to numerous neighbors about what they saw and heard and based on putting everyone’s accounts together and logical deduction, I believe that on August 7th, 2017, a citizen, Christopher Sales, engaged in a minor traffic infraction at an intersection. An Independence police officer who was responsible for the Independence, Missouri cop car with license plate number 4028 initiated a high speed chase through a residential area. Mr Sales hit a fence while fleeing and his vehicle was stopped. The cop yelled at him to get out of the car and within a very short time shot at Mr. Sales. Mr. Sales then fleeing for his life got into the unattended Independence, Missouri cop car which had the keys in it and the motor running and tried to escape. Mr. Sales then crashed into my car, totaling it, and crashed into my neighbor’s home destroying their porch, yard furniture, and nearly killing their grandbaby. Police then shot Mr Sales again in my neighbor’s yard. Police at the scene refused to take a witness statement from me. Police at the scene after the accident had been cleaned up refused to take a statement from me. Police at the police department refused to take a statement from me. A detective at the police department refused to take a statement from me.”

“I swear these statements are 100% true to the best of my knowledge”

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