Kansas City J20 First Anniversary – Report Back

The Greater Kansas City IWW tabled at two separate events on the first anniversary of J20.

The first event was the first installment in a series of talks about racism in    America, hosted by the Reale Justice Network. This event focused on the city council’s vote to privatize the streets and sidewalks in the Westport area — a backwards attempt at gun control — and how that relates to the Sun Fresh grocery store boycott which was triggered by occurrences of violence and intimidation against black people perpetrated by police and private security forces at the store.…

Missouri Cops, High Speed Chase, Death, Destruction

Seeking assistance from anyone who can help a disabled Jackson County, Missouri woman with damages after an Independence cop initiates a high speed chase through a residential area on a curve without a guard rail. If you know any way to help this person recover these damages, please let us know at greaterkciww@gmail.com They do not have money for a lawyer and the Jackson County Court refuses to let them sue the city without a lawyer.…

Police Violence in Kansas City

The video of cops beating a woman in Kansas City which was featured on SubMedia is just one example of many instances of police violence in Kansas City. If you have video or audio of police violence, we can put your video online anonymously for you.…

Phone Zap: Franklin County Detention Center

Franklin County Detention Center – Kansas

Phone Zap: November 27th



Detainees housed in the women’s section of the Franklin County Detention Center are being denied undergarments and feminine hygiene products.

Kansas City August 19th Reportback

“Millions for Prisoners”struggle hits Missouri

On Saturday, August 19, 50-100 people gathered in Kanas City to participate in the national “Millions for Prisoners’ Human Rights” rally against prison slavery and suffering, called by Jailhouse Lawyers Speaks and the IamWE Prison Advocacy Network.

Millions For Prisoners: A Day of Action with the Incarcerated (Press Release)

Millions For Prisoners: A Day of Action with the Incarcerated

August 19, 2017

Incarcerated Workers Organizing Committee

The Call Has Been Issued

In Kansas City We Respond.

American slave labor is alive behind prison walls. This labor is the end result of a carceral state that entraps the poor, african american and latinx communities at an exponentially higher rate than others.

Pre-Reading for 2017 IWW Skill Share: Black Autonomy Federation: Let’s Organize the Hood!

Black Autonomy Federation

(PDF version) poor people survival

Black Autonomy Federation: Let’s Organize the Hood!

Black Autonomy Federation: Let’s Organize the Hood!
By: Black Autonomy Federation

Originally Published on June 9, 2013

Let’s Organize the ‘Hood: Inner City Organizing Projects.

By word or deed, we are being told that revolution is not possible, that we must accept whatever crumbs the white power structure gives us, or that we must join the power elite ourselves.